Frequently Asked Questions

Casino Junket Club is a platform that helps players like you get the best possible offers from various casinos and cruise lines. To unlock new comp offers, players simply need to:

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Casino Junket Club aims to help players experience some of the best casino resorts and cruise lines in the world. Get started today!


Casino Junket Club welcomes players of all levels to sign up, but those who qualify for the most offers typically have elevated tier status in one or more casino loyalty programs and meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. Receive offers from land-based casinos with complimentary room nights and free play of at least $100

2. Have received complimentary cruise certificates from a cruise line or land-based casino certificate event, or

Casino Junket Club has a strong relationship with our casino partners and cruise lines. We continually negotiate the best exclusive offers for our members, making it easy for players to access them. This way our team can leverage your play history and current offers at land-based casinos or cruise lines to access these new comps.

About Casino Junket Club

Becoming a Casino Junket Club Player is absolutely free! You gain access to our network of partner casinos, first class service, and a player community experience.

We don’t effect the relationship with your current host, we simply supplement the existing relationship by providing access to NEW casinos and experiences.

Yes, all personal information and trip details are encrypted and secured. We do not share your personal information with a casino until you decide to take a trip to that property or cruise line. You can check out our privacy policy here.


Play-To-Qualify is a type of offer that casinos can make to players. These offers are SUPER discounted hotel rates (cheaper than Expedia!) and include a target play threshold that allows players to have their trips comped. If a player hits the threshold the cost of the trip is refunded at checkout. If the threshold is not met, the player still gets an amazing deal on the hotel room! Play to Qualify offers are a perfect way for new players to establish their value and earn even BETTER comps on future trips at any of our partner casinos.

If you are an active player at a particular property – meaning you have played at that casino in the last 12 months – then the casino already knows how much you play and what they want to offer you.

Casino Junket Club allows you to access offers comparable to your current offers, but while trying out new cruise lines. We create a marketplace where players can receive great offers from various cruise lines, rather than the same old ones you’re used to.


For far-out cruises, Cruise lines typically extend Comps 12-14 months out at the most, with the exception of group cruises.

Yes! Casino Junket Club offers several international/overseas cruises with all major cruise lines.


No, we partner with popular destinations in offering exclusive deals to benefit you and our partners!

Trip requests begin by contacting us via email, telephone or viewing the trip schedules & booking a trip on the Casino Junket Club website.

After trip requests are made, Casino Junket Club works with the casino to confirm trip details.  You can usually expect a confirmation email from us in usually 2-3 business days.

If your first trip booked through Casino Junket Club is fully comped, then typically the cruise line will give you free drinks in the casino. Every cruise line does this differently, so it’s best to double-check with one of our team members pertaining to your specific sailing. In some cases, if it’s a discounted cruise that we booked for you or a particular type of casino offer, then the comp drinks may not be offered in the casino.
Each casino destination has it’s own cancellation policy.
The ship’s atmosphere can vary depending on the season you’re sailing. For example, cruises in the Summer and Holiday breaks such as Spring Break or Christmas will typically have more families with kids than a random cruise in October. Other than Virgin Voyages, which is adults-only, each of our cruise partners offers kid’s programs, activities, and clubs. Looking at our team member’s personal experience, we would say that Royal Caribbean and MSC generally will have more kids and activities for them than Celebrity.

Booking Trips

If you earn a certificate for a cruise at a land-based casino, reach out to your Casino Junket Club team member and let them know the sailing on the certificate that you’d like to book. Most likely, Casino Junket Club can book the same offer or potentially a better offer than what’s on the certificate for you.

Yes, please give a call with your details we will be happy to book it for you.

Yes, you can choose your cabin based on availability. Your selected cabin must still be the cabin category you are comped for.


There are two measures used to calculate offers: 1. Average Daily Theoretical (ADT) 2. Average Trip Theoretical (ATT) Casino Junket Club will use the higher of the two to get the best offer for a player. A player’s average daily play (ADT) should be consistent, or even higher on a shorter cruise. Meanwhile, a longer trip should have a higher average trip play (ATT). The rate of play shouldn’t be affected by taking shorter or longer cruises as long as the play is consistent.

No, Casino Junket Club is a comp requestor. We request comps based on your play history and relationship with us.

Yes, based on your play we will always go back and make sure all of your comps your played warranted are applied to your account. This is part of our service.