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50 years of fun brought to life in 6 epic zones! Vacations and celebrations simply go together–and often celebrations make the best vacations–no matter if it’s for a holiday, a birthday, or anniversary.But what exactly is it that makes a perfect celebration? While it changes from person to person, there are some common ingredients: doing something special, stepping out of the ordinary, and above all–having fun!

Carnival Jubilee

Hey, welcome to Carnival Jubilee! The ship that’s following in the fun footsteps of Mardi Gras® and Carnival Celebration® has some big flip-flops to fill, and you can count on Carnival Jubilee™ to take things to the next level with six “zones” of fun. Zones are areas themed to transform your vacation into a unique mix of experiences.

Carnival Firenze

Long Beach is fun, but it isn’t known as a hotspot of Italian culture… yet! In spring 2024, Carnival Firenze will debut, setting sail from this homeport towards south-of-the-border fun along Mexico’s Pacific coast!


What can you expect to find in this ship? Well, there’s more than a little Italy in this one — that’s why we’re calling this new type of cruising Fun Italian Style™. It starts with the Venice-inspired atrium Piazza San Marco, the onboard flavor and flair continues…


You know, it’s hard work making effortlessly-fun vacations. That’s why we’re looking forward to kicking back with you on the new Carnival Celebration as we toast to the last 50 years. So please bring that unique Carnival spirit… and know that this ship’s bringing the fun. Just like sister ship Mardi Gras®, Carnival Celebration has six Zones.


Carnival Luminosa® is new to the Carnival fleet… and we’d say this ship is all set to make a first impression. Guests setting sail on Carnival Luminosa can expect hospitality and fun that’s pure, unmistakable Carnival, with so many fan-favorite onboard features like the Alchemy Bar®, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse™ and RedFrog® Rum Bar;


When we launched our first ship, 1972’s TSS Mardi Gras, we made cruising a lot less stuffy, a bit less fancy, the kind of fun everybody could enjoy. Nobody expected this ship to change the cruise world, but… here we are! So here’s a brand-new ship with a familiar name. With this Mardi Gras® we aren’t just paying homage to our first ship.


The warmth of being together — it’s just so nice, right? It fact, it inspired us to create Carnival Radiance, to delight folks like you and your closest travel buds. And wouldn’t you believe it, Carnival Radiance makes it all happen with a little help from some friends…


There just isn’t enough vacation time to do everything, so we go for the widest variety, make the most of the moments… and above all, try to have the most fun whenever possible. All of you with the heads nodding, hands raised, folks who just stood up and cheered at the office — you’re Carnival Panorama’s people!


Carnival Spirit is more than a ship, but an unforgettable vacation experience you’ll be reliving for a long time. Whether you’re after something that’s action-packed or just want to relax and unwind, this ship has what you’re looking for.


The line that brings the sea and the sky together inspired us… to build a ship that unites you with great fun, comfort, dining and exotic destinations. And most importantly, unites you with one another. It’s Carnival Horizon!


Catching a great sunrise isn’t just for early-risers. Carnival Sunrise has enough warm fun for everybody to bask in. So, everybody — here’s a little of what you can expect from Carnival Sunrise. If you’re ready for some amazing things to do let’s start with the musical stage-show stylings of Playlist Productions™.


Carnival Miracle is a ship you may not believe when you see… but definitely don’t miss seeing it! When we say that Carnival Miracle takes you to another world, we mean that in every sense. Not only does this ship visit stunning destinations, but features incredible onboard spaces inspired by elements of fantasy.


We’ve built a lot of ships over the years, but for a truly unique experience at sea, you’ve gotta see Carnival Vista. Carnival Vista has a whole new relationship to the sea, and you get to experience this as you explore the Caribbean with all-new views.


We knew exactly what we were doing when we named this ship Carnival Magic… and we’re sure you’ll agree. At 1,004 feet, this one continued the Dream class tradition of large-scale, bow-to-stern cruise ship fun including the food-and-entertainment space Ocean Plaza, the splashy stylings of Carnival WaterWorks™… and The Lanai, a convenient, scenic half-mile outdoor wraparound promenade deck.


On Carnival Breeze, fun-fan faves like SportSquare™, and mouth-watering dining spots like Cucina del Capitano®, are just the beginning of how this ship keeps the fun blazing. Speaking of blazing, enjoy the island atmosphere of the very cool RedFrog Rum Bar®, or south-of-the-border taco goodness at BlueIguana Cantina™.


Carnival Freedom has a message for you, and its “feel free to have fun!” Explore the ship and you’ll find food options galore, starting with two dining rooms, but definitely extending outdoors — there’s mouth-watering Guy Fieri burgers at Guy’s Burger Joint™, plus the greatest tacos and burritos this side of the pier at BlueIguana Cantina™.


Legends are made, not born… and over time, this ship has become even more deserving of its nameplate. Let’s discover some of the secrets of Carnival Legend. If you’re out to find new legends, flip directly to the RedFrog Pub®, featuring not only a mythical mascot, but actual drinks — plus Caribbean atmosphere by the gallon.


We broke the mold after we made this one. The final Fantasy class cruise ship ever created, Carnival Paradise is proof that there’s plenty of fun to be found long before you reach your dream destination. This ship remains classic Carnival fun-packed from bow to stern but on the other hand, we’ve never stopped adding fresh new features.


Carnival Elation was built to celebrate the muses who inspire the arts. Carnival guests like you can expect this ship to inspire you… to have tons of vacation fun. Not that Carnival Elation is going to have a hard time convincing you!


Everything the sunlight touches on Carnival Sunshine has been doused with an extra dose of fun. There’s plenty to find atop this ship, where you can spend your days being kissed by the warm rays of the sun. Visit the biggest Serenity area ever, featuring three decks, plenty of recliners and even a waterfall.


It’s one thing to be fun, but it’s another thing to be first. Carnival Dream was at the forefront of a recent wave of amazingly innovative and fun Carnival ships. As the genesis of the Dream class, Carnival Dream set the direction for the ships that followed in her footsteps — first Carnival Magic and then Carnival Breeze.


If you’re looking for a vacation at sea that’s as colorful as the décor of the cruise ship taking you there, an entire palette of fun activities and hot spots awaits aboard Carnival Glory. For starters, there’s salsa options for dressing up your tacos and burritos at BlueIguana Cantina™…


Your high seas hero Carnival Valor is here to rescue you from ordinary vacations and whisk you away to leisure, fun… and amazing destinations. On your way you’ll find onboard food spots designed to regale your palate, like BlueIguana Cantina™ and Guy’s Burger Joint™ plus the downright indulgent Scarlett’s Steakhouse.


We think you should have a great time at sea. Carnival Liberty feels the same way! This is one ship that’s ready to put its fun where your vacation is, with plenty of ways to enjoy your time away. All day long, Carnival Liberty can be found serving up signature burgers designed by Guy Fieri, right there at Guy’s Burger Joint™!


Cruising aboard Carnival Conquest elevates fun at sea to an art form — the ship demonstrates a true mastery of the craft with an onboard collage of fun spots for you to enjoy, like Guy’s Burger Joint™, RedFrog Rum Bar® and SkyBox™ Sports Bar. There’s fun everywhere you look, from the dance club (great for people-watching) to the show lounges.


Carnival Pride charms, alright — it’s a treat for your eyes, your taste buds… and of course, your fun buds. Invite them all to come enjoy the vacation that this ship is proud to offer. Carnival Pride invites you to dine refined, from the zen-like simplicity of Bonsai Sushi™ to the art deco ocean liner inspiration of the Normandie Restaurant.


It’s hard to tell which onboard space best represents Carnival Splendor — they all seem to hint at the amazing time you’re going to have. El Morocco Lounge hosts comedy shows, musical performances, karaoke and more… and wears its 1930s namesake clearly on its nameplate. The words “Royal Flush Casino” incite visions of winning.


CARIBBEAN : We don’t have proof, but evidence suggests that the Caribbean was made for cruising. This evidence is all around you — you’ll find in the Caribbean air, the sand and the water. And with more than 5,000 islands and cays spread across this amazing region, there’s a lot of paradise to see.

BAHAMAS : So close, yet so deliciously far. Mexico might be right down there, but it exists in another world entirely. Experience a whole enchilada’s worth of rich culture and fun on a cruise to Mexico.

MEXICO : From incense-scented temples to sizzling street food, an Asia cruise will make your senses come alive. In a single voyage on one of our ships, you’ll be amazed at the contrast between gleaming, futuristic cities and intricate shrines and pagodas where time seems to have stood still.

EUROPEAN & MEDITERRANEAN : Few places in the world pack in as much culture per square meter as Europe does… and nobody packs fun into Europe like Carnival does! There’s so much variety across the continent and its islands, and with Carnival you have options for experiencing many of these places by sea.

BERMUDA : An enchanting land of pink sand and turquoise waters — discover that paradise is in fact a reality. Bermuda may be so British that the police are constables and the countries share a royal family, but the traditional Bermudan breakfast is codfish, potato and banana.

Alaska: If you’re looking for a cruise vacation that’s a little bit out of the way and a little bit out of the ordinary, make an Alaska cruise your first choice. If your first thought is “Alaska… cool!” you’re on the right track.

CANADA & NEW ENGLAND: Canada and New England cruises offer some of the most breathtaking scenery you can imagine. While Canada and New England may not spring to mind when you think of cruise destinations, they should — because the perfect way to experience this naturally gorgeous, history-packed region is to arrive by sea.

GREENLAND & CANADA : If you think back to school, remember that Greenland is the one with all the ice, right? And while it’s true that Greenland is both huge and mostly icy, there are actually places on the southernmost tip that are just perfect for cruising.

HAWAII : If you’re looking to make an exotic destination your next vacation, let’s talk about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Hawaii. The answers are as follows: visit Hawaii on a Carnival cruise (of course), and… visit Hawaii because this place is simply spectacular!

PANAMA CANAL: Zoom your map way out and Panama looks like a small sliver of land, so a trip through its famous canal is a quickie, right? But not so fast — traversing the canal actually takes at least 20 hours!

TRANSATLANTIC : Back when ships were used less for cruising and more for traveling, the transatlantic was the big one, the sort of trip a person might take once in their life. Today, the transatlantic is less about passage than it is a rite of passage, a cool throwback voyage that travel enthusiasts should try at least once.

TRANSPACIFIC : Some people see an ocean and they’re like… “You know what, I’ve gotta cross it. Let’s see what’s on the other side.” If you’re an explorer, it’s just what you do. Today we know exactly what’s where (thanks, maps!) but making the journey still matters, and the spirit of discovery lives on in a Transpacific Carnival cruise.

ASIA : Explore the multiculturally diverse South-East-Asian region. Enjoy a range of cruises that offer unlimited fun, and unimaginable sights, sounds, tastes and family-style adventure with Carnival cruises to or from Asia. Sail away to some of the most exciting and exotic cities in the world and immerse your senses with over 45 daily activities and a huge variety of dining options.

AUSTRALIA, GREAT BARRIER REEF, & NEW ZEALAND : Book one of Carnival Cruise Line’s Australia cruises and enjoy some of most picturesque destinations the country has to offer. Take a cruise ship from the Brisbane River or Sydney Harbour Bridge and explore the white sandy beaches of Moreton Island, or dive into a Great Barrier Reef Queensland cruise. Snorkel among the coral reefs, take in the beauty of the spectacular Daintree Rainforest and Whitehaven Beach, go on a crocodile adventure. New Zealand cruises include cruises to Fiordland Park, Mildford Sound, the Bay of Islands and close-up views of their natural beauty. Take a 10, 11, or 12 night New Zealand cruise and enjoy the adventure the land of the long white cloud is known for

TASMANIA : Enjoy a Carnival cruise to Tasmania from Sydney and take in the wonders of the island state. Cruise to Tasmania and lose yourself in the historical sites of Hobart’s Battery Point, or Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula, part of the Tasman National Park.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA : ExA Papua New Guinea cruise with Carnival Cruise Line features a world of difference and discovery. Sailing from Australia to beautiful Pacific Islands, journey from Brisbane to PNG in style. Cruise the coral reefs at Kiriwina Island: the largest of the Trobriand Islands.

SOUTH PACIFIC: There aren’t too many places in the world more beautiful than those you’ll visit on a Carnival South Pacific island cruise. Soak up the white sands, the pristine beaches, and the tropical paradises that only South Pacific cruises can deliver.