Richard Haskins


Hello, I am Richard Haskins the President of Casino Junket Club.
The most important thing we all have is our name and reputation. My late father Mel Haskins started the Junket business as a young man in 1979. He was the pioneer and had the vision to help connect casino players with Casinos all around the world. He felt a customer was more than a name or player number and believed that as a valued customer you should be recognized and rewarded for loyalty. His goal was to represent the Casinos but work hard for his customers. In 1990 after 4 years at UGA I joined the family business with the same vision and core values.

Take care of your customers and create a great working environment for your team members. I wanted to build something bigger and better while giving back to the community through charity. I am proud to say that we have been recognized by Caesars Entertainment for over 20 years as a leader in our field. Customer service and providing a hassle free experience are two items we are dedicated to every day. I welcome you to our site and we are excited to have you join us!