Jessica Smith


Meet Jessica Smith, the Operations Manager at Casino Junket Club, proudly hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. A Mercer University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, Jessica blends her academic background seamlessly into her role.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jessica is a dedicated wife to Brian and a loving mother to two wonderful children. In the dynamic world of casino hospitality, Jessica finds fulfillment in ensuring that every client’s needs are not only met but exceeded. Her commitment to providing VIP service is a cornerstone of her approach, making each client’s experience exceptional.

Whether orchestrating behind-the-scenes tasks or directly engaging with clients, Jessica’s dedication is evident in the smooth operation of Casino Junket Club. Her warmth, coupled with professional acumen, positions her as an invaluable asset. Jessica embodies the perfect balance of academic achievement, familial warmth, and commitment to excellence, making her an integral part of the Casino Junket Club experience.