Alaska – There are few experiences left on earth that offer you the privilege of viewing nature just as it was hundreds of years ago. Visiting Alaska between the months of May and September with Norwegian Cruise Line gives you the opportunity to see this pristine beauty at the finest. We’ll sail along Alaska’s exquisite Inside Passage stopping in Ketchikan, Prince Rupert, Juneau, Skagway and beautiful Wrangell.

Bermuda – Norwegian Cruise Line offers you so many ways to cruise to and around Bermuda. You can choose to leave from any one of our three historic East Coast ports – New York, Boston or Philadelphia. You may select an NCL exclusive itinerary that takes you to as many as three seaside towns including St. George’s, Hamilton and King’s Wharf. Each one of these harbors offers a unique perspective on this exquisitely maintained island, ranging from famous British fortresses to languid pink sand beaches.

Canada/New England – The northeast coast of North America has long been known for its opulence, quaint towns and succulent seafood. Crisp, cool mornings signify the beginning of fall and New England resembles a watercolor painting as leaves change color and start to drop from the trees. The seacoast of Canada is a treat for nature lovers as well. Bald eagles and osprey soar over the Atlantic as lighthouses and fishing villages decorate coves on the rugged coastline.

Caribbean – With NCL and Freestyle Cruising, there’s no better way to experience everything the Caribbean has to offer. You’ll find eight different ships taking you to dozens of ports of call throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Florida and Mexico. And for the first time ever, you’ll have the choice of departing from eight convenient cities – Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Miami and San Juan. Whether you want to shop, dive, snorkel, golf, sail, hike or just lay in the sun, we’ll take you to the perfect spot.

Europe – From the beautiful Baltics to the routes of great explorers, Norwegian Cruise Line offers you more unique destinations and itineraries in Europe than ever before Sailing from March through September, we’ll carry you from the pristine waters of the North Sea to the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea, even across the Atlantic from Miami.

Hawaii – Extraordinarily beautiful and impossibly romantic, Hawaii possesses some of the most exotic landscapes on earth. There are winding waterfalls and fiery volcanoes, jewel-toned beaches and lush fern forests, immense canyons and coastal cliffs.

Panama Canal – A man-made marvel. Since the discovery of the Pacific coast of Panama, visionaries dreamed of one day creating a great passageway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, thus avoiding the 12,000-mile journey around the tip of South America. That day finally came in August of 1914, after decades of planning and excavation. This man-made marvel is now yours to behold on one of NCL’s incredible cruises through the Panama Canal. Although only 40 miles from shoreline to shoreline, the ingenuity and tenacity of the canal’s creators are evident with each and every movement of this magnificent lake-and-lock-type canal. It’s bound to be a voyage you will never forget.

South America – Ancient civilizations and natural phenomenons. History buffs, bird watchers and beach bums will surely discover their calling on one of NCL’s South America cruises. From the ancient architectural feat of the Lost City of the Incas to the urban sophistication of Buenos Aires. Yet there is also an abundant array of wildlife and spectacular natural scenery to be taken in. Admire the magnificent sea lions, elephant seals, penguins and whales this unusual eco-environment provides. Explore the breathtaking Chilean fjordlands, where cascading waterfalls tumble over steep canyon walls, snowcapped Andean peaks surround you, and hundreds of species of birds – including the near-extinct giant candor – flock to play and feed.