Caribbean: You’re always on Island Time on an Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean cruise
Bahamas: Featuring Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve-Our Exclusive Private Island
Bermuda: Picture-perfect beaches
Canada & New England: Breathtaking fall foliage
Mediterranean: Enriching history & culture
Northern Europe: The charm of the Great North
Saudi Arabia & Red Sea: Unveiling the timeless beauty
Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar: Suspended between future and tradition
South America: Cruising to the beat of the music
Grand Voyages: Immerse yourself in nature and local traditions while enjoying all the comforts included in your MSC Grand Voyages. This cruise is more than just a simple holiday at sea, it’s a transatlantic cruise which will give you the opportunity to discover some of the world’s most spectacular locations, rich in history and culture
South Africa: Breathtaking volcanoes and giant, colorful reefs
Asia: The charm of the Far East
MSC World Cruise 2023 & 2024