Alaska – Every day reveals a new side of Celebrity’s Alaska.
Bermuda – Hear the spirit of Bermuda in the rhythm of calypso music. See it in the pastel-painted cottages. Feel it in the soft, pink sand under your feet. Bermuda is cricket matches and neighborhood pubs, afternoon high tea and regimental guards — all blended with sunny island charm.
Coastal California – The sun is just beginning to fall behind the hills of another beautiful West Coast city. The day, well spent, has taken you on a wonderful stroll through lush green vineyards, city streets lined with sophisticated boutiques and restaurants, and a new reality you’ve just begun to get used to. And even as you pause to watch the sun make its way through a darkening sky, you know that in your mind, this day will last forever.
Canada/New England – Visit quaint New England and Canada’s scenic harbors. Let the St. Lawrence River take you to Quebec City, a Canadian city with a French accent.
Caribbean – It’s twilight on the islands. The setting sun reflects off the ocean in a blaze of orange and scarlet. The sound of steel drums echoes through cobblestone streets. On a sparkling beach, palm fronds whisper in the silken breeze. The day’s been spent in the best possible way — strolling on velvety sands, wandering through an emerald rain forest and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters.
Europe – Breathe the country air of Tuscany. Wander the storied streets of Paris. Behold the spectacular architecture of Russia or, take one of Celebrity’s exclusive Cruisetours.
Hawaii – Sail from one jewel of the Pacific to another, each its own version of paradise. Extraordinary beauty, from towering cliffs and volcanoes to plunging waterfalls and legendary waves, beckons from shore each day.
Mexico – As you wander slowly down cobblestone streets of a traditional Mexican village, you can’t help but wonder whether it is the warmth of the sun or of the people that gives you such a feeling of ease. As you walk among Mayan ruins, you ponder the ability of an ancient civilization to make you feel so new. The questions fade out of your mind as quickly as they entered, but the feeling they invoke will always remain etched in your memory.
Panama Canal – When the Panama Canal opened in 1914, this engineering miracle saved ships nearly 8,000 miles of Atlantic to Pacific travel time. Today, the 50-mile-long canal joins two worlds into one great adventure. Eastbound and westbound voyages trace the routes of pirates and hopscotch across the resort ports of the Pacific coast.
South America – Stretching from the world’s highest waterfall to the land’s end in Tierra del Fuego, South America offers something for the dreamer and the explorer, for the adventurer and the scholar. In the land that’s home to jungles of the Amazon, the ruins of the ancient Incas and the unending party of Rio de Janeiro, every day is unforgettable.
Transatlantic -Take a step into the glorious past with a trip across the ocean on a magnificent ship. Harkening back to the great ocean liners of the last century, Celebrity transatlantic cruises offer the ultimate in elegant voyages. Starting in the Old World and sailing to the New, unexpected pleasures are revealed each day.
Galapagos – Sailing on Celebrity Xpedition, 7, 10, and 11 night cruises.