Alaska – If you’re looking for a cruise vacation that’s a little bit out of the way and a little bit out of the ordinary, make “America’s Last Frontier” your first choice! Alaska is a natural wonder through and through, but the coastal panhandle region Carnival sails to is perhaps the most stunning. Where the land meets the water you’ll find not only quaint towns and scenic harbor vistas, but the best of nature — including fjords, wildlife and mountains galore.

Bahamas – The living is easy on The Bahamas islands, a glittering necklace of sand dotting the blue Atlantic. A Carnival cruise to The Bahamas drops you into a sun-splashed seascape of 700 islands and 2,000 cays offering idyllic tropical getaways for sailing, snorkeling, fishing, strolling pearly pink-sand beaches, and swimming crystalline turquoise seas.
– Shop the colorful capital of Nassau when your Carnival cruise docks at New Providence Island.
– Enjoy world-class diving in the sparkling bottle-green seas off Grand Turk.
– Be a castaway on the secluded beaches of Half Moon Cay.
– Battle fighting marlin and sailfish in the deep blue seas off Freeport.
– Snorkel vibrant coral gardens beneath the crystalline waters all year long.

Bermuda – Discovered 500 years ago by Juan de Bermudez, Bermuda has always been famous for green hills, pastel-colored homes and pink-sand beaches. Throw in world-glass golf courses, glass-bottom boats, swimming with dolphins, mountain biking, shopping and nightlife and you’ve got an excursion worth leaving the ship for. Don’t worry, the waterslide and karaoke will be waiting on board. Bermuda is a family-friendly vacation that really packs in the fun.

Canada/New England – Canada and New England Carnival cruises conveniently depart from Boston — cruise from the historic Boston Harbor, en route to the idyllic tranquility to be found north of the border. Take a cruise to Canada and New England for an unforgettable tour of this beautiful landscape.

Caribbean – More than 5,000 islands and cays dot the Caribbean. That’s a lot of paradise! So how do you choose where to go on your next cruise? This is your insider’s guide to great beaches, shore adventures, isles and more.

Europe – Few places offer as great an opportunity for country-hopping as Europe, and Carnival makes it easy — and affordable — to pack in as many experiences as possible into a 7, 9 or 12 day European cruise. So take a whirlwind vacation tour through all the culture the old continent has to offer… from the comfort of an all-new Carnival “Fun” Ship.

Hawaii – Hawaii: A chain of tropical islands sitting all alone in the middle of the Pacific, just waiting for you to discover them. Sure, it’s a ways away from pretty much everything else, but that’s no sweat – you’ll enjoy your vacations aboard the Carnival Spirit!  And once you’re in Hawaii, Carnival offers so much to do… with ports on four Hawaiian islands, you can be sure you’re seeing a whole lot of this stunning state.

All Hawaiian itineraries also feature a stop in Mexico or Canada, so you’ll enjoy a taste of these countries on your cruise.
Mexico – It’s hard for us to tell you just how wonderful our Mexico cruise ports are. When you cruise the Mexican Riviera, or to Baja, or to our Western Caribbean ports in Mexico you can’t help but experience all of the amazing awesomeness these beautiful hotspots have to offer.
South American – Architecture—check. Wildlife—double check. Music, food, art, dancing, beaches, festivals, parades, sports and adventures—check, please. If you’re not in South America, you need to get to South America, and if you are, we have a few new ideas for you. Explore and discover dozens of fascinating ports of call along South America’s mystifying coast. The possibilities are endless… but not the tanning oil. Thank the beaches—that runs out pretty fast.

Carnival Splendor will spend nearly two whole months exploring South America, and you’ll have your choice of three unique itineraries while she’s down there. First is the 17 Day South American Explorer, which travels from Los Angeles to Santiago, but not before giving you the chance to check out Galapagos, Machu Picchu and Cabo San Lucas. Next, she’ll voyage from Puerto Montt to Buenos Aires on the 13 Day Fjords, Glaciers & Patagonia voyage, letting you sample the natural sights of the Chilean fjords, the European flavor of Montevideo and the southernmost point in the world at Cape Horn. Finally, the 18 Day Brazilian & Caribbean Splendor will take you from Buenos Aires to New York, and leave you intimately familiar with Brazilian favorites like Salvador, Caribbean gems like Barbados and the unparalleled Rio de Janeiro. Whichever itinerary you choose, you’ll get one unforgettable dose of South America… or choose all three to experience what is easily the best way to travel from LA to NYC!

Transatlantic – Over the last thousand years, crossing the Atlantic Ocean has gone from a dream to a challenge to a reality, but none from the Vikings to Christopher Columbus ever managed to make the journey a great vacation like Carnival does today! Your cruise begins on one continent and ends on another, but not before you’ve experienced all the Carnival fun available onboard and ashore. Take it all in at your own pace, and even experience some great ports during your cruise.

Tahiti and Fiji Islands – Fiji… Tahiti… Bora Bora… these places are not only located a whole world away, but exist in a completely different state of mind. Fortunately, they’re easily accessible from a Carnival “Fun Ship.”